We Are Bagliography


About Us

Established since 1982, our clientele is based all over India. Our expertise lies in customized bags. We do branding for food industries, packaging industries, educational institutions, NGO's, gyms, associations and others of the like.

We believe in turning a dream product into a reality. Customer satisfaction has been our key brand value. We do not compromise with the quality of the material, that being one of the strong reasons for the loyal client base that we boast of.


Our Brand Name has a story to tell. Coined by the Founders team, Bagliography holds in itself a promise, come, as we take you down that line.

The name embodies greater depth and insight. Here is a clear dichotomy of the term, to put light on to its designed denotation. The term was treated in three divisions a) BAG b) LIO c) GRAPHY. The first being suggestive, the subject of dealing is bags. The second denotes excellence, and the third denotes the science or field of expertise. Taking into consideration the three components of meaning, the term BAGLIOGRAPHY means, expertise in the world of Bags.

Our Services

We make bags not just to accommodate your things but to flaunt your name. Our products are designed exactly the way you dream it to be. Enchancing your brand name through your merchandise is a prime requisite, and we make that dream come true. We ensure hazzle free services through all our processes.