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We believe in turning a dream product into a reality. Customer satisfaction has been our key brand value. We do not compromise with the quality of the material, that being one of the strong reasons for the loyal client base that we boast of.

Our Process


The first and the most important step is to understand the client's needs. We create a plan to fill the requirements
and move forward to the next step


We do a reality check of the design, and work towards the feasibility of the same.


Once the design is set and is agreed upon by the Client as well, we move towards developing the product.

Final Product

Once the required product is manufactured, we move towards the last step, dispatching the product to the mentioned address.

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About Us

Our Brand Name has a story to tell. Coined by the Founders team, Bagliography holds in itself a promise, come, as we take you down that line.

The name embodies greater depth and insight. Here is a clear dichotomy of the term, to put light on to its designed denotation. The term was treated in three bonus new member divisions a) BAG b) LIO c) GRAPHY. The first being suggestive, the subject of dealing is bags. The second denotes excellence, and the third denotes the science or field of expertise. Taking into consideration the three auto wild mahjong components of meaning, the term BAGLIOGRAPHY means, expertise in the world of Bags.


My team was looking for an advertising company for my brand promotion. They found Bagliography on online search and here I got two benefits at the same time. With customised backpacks with logo print on it create brand awareness and free moving advertisement :smiley:

I was confused if I should purchase customized Bags or normal bags for gifting my employees in my company. Then I came to Bagliography who are a Customized Bag Manufacturer and did an amazing job of making customized Bags for my company. Best part about them was that getting customized Bags cost me as low as purchasing normal bags. So it did branding for me and made employees happy too.

I was looking for corporate gifting providers with Customization of our brand and then we found Bagliography who fulfilled our total needs from Manufacturing bags for gifting to Customizing it at a very affordable rate.

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Address: kamla apartment, Basement  Office No. - 1,  Kalyan, Maharashtra, India - 421003

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